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My name is Matt, and I am currently in my second year at the Owen Graduate School of Management here at Vanderbilt University. I am originally from middle Tennessee and graduated from a high school in Nashville. Although I grew up here, I spent the previous decade away from Tennessee. I studied at the University of North Carolina before beginning a career in advertising in London. I spent four years in London and New York before taking a great opportunity to move to Tokyo, where I managed two accounts for G2 Tokyo, a division of my former employer.

After spending two years in Tokyo—an experience that really changed my life—I decided I wanted to return to business school for my MBA degree. I considered many international programs, as well as programs in New York and the West Coast, but ultimately decided to return to Nashville to be close to my family and to develop business relationships I had in this city. One of my greatest concerns, however, was that I would lose contact with the international community that had meant so much to me during my time in London, New York, and Tokyo.

I remember doing some research on Owen and coming across the Japanese Business Club blog. Although I do not formally belong to this group here at Owen, its very existence eased my concern, and I knew that here in Nashville, at the Owen school, I would have more opportunity to make new Japanese friends. The group of Japanese students in my class welcomed me to dinners and other events that they attended and quickly made me feel as though I were part of their group. I served as an officer in the Global Business Association (GBA), and though we organized events to introduce all Owen students to the variety of cultures in our school, the Japanese students (and their families) always made an extra effort to share their Japanese culture with our student body.

I would always recommend Owen to ambitious Japanese people who want to study business in the United States. It is a community that welcomes international perspective and culture, and I have been grateful for the chance to make new Japanese friends here in my hometown of Nashville. If anyone wants to know more about my experience in Japan or here at Owen, I hope they will feel free to contact me.
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